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User Tracking

Websites and apps are a good ressource to grow insights about customers: Companies can gather data based on their clients' website interactions and build exact profiles in compliance with their country's regulations.

Business automation

To handle increased demand or expand on line of services offered, companies can set up a small core team managing personalized business automation tools.


Data Mining

Companies can use their unique business knowledge to detect patterns in customer's behaviour and identify trends. This will enable the company to reach customers at the right time and get their attention.

Our clients

Schutze Web Engineering is a reliable long-term partner. Together, we have built numerous solutions to improve customer relationships, e.g. a customer chat, a customer relationship management system, various follow-up processes, crawlers, calculators, customer surveys and integrated leading third-party solutions to analyze and improve customer satisfaction. Working within IT has never been more fun!

Stefan Fraenzel, Specialist – AXA Germany

Schutze Web Engineering has been a strategic partner in designing and implementing our game concepts and algorithms. Before hiring, we approached quite a few software engineering companies. Schutze Web Engineering has been the only one who was able to outline an efficient, scalable way to realise our idea and significantly minimise the risk of starting a new franchise. Our rock-solid IT infrastructure is the stuff our dreams are made from!

Lukas Maier, Co-Founder – Matchup GmbH

Following the Diesel Emission Scandal, Schutze Web Engineering has been working closely with our team to build automation solutions. At this moment, we are processing 16,000 Customer Rights Claims using multiple Data Inquiries, Legal Calculators and our own Case Management Solution as a "one-stop-service" for our customers. We are glad we found a reliable partner who supports us to achieve our vision of digitalising German legal services.

Philipp Caba, Head of Legal – Gansel Rechtsanwälte


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